7-day self-fit Ambulatory ECG Holter recording. Download the full report here.

Complete heart block (3rd degree AV block) noted throughout recording period with very limited heart rate profile.

Longest RR interval 1990ms. QRS duration appears within normal limits throughout 106-119ms. Change in P-wave morphology seen when P-wave rate increases – possible intermittent ectopic atrial rhythm at lower rates. 2 atrial foci noted (bifid appearance noted at P-wave rates <75bpm). PP intervals ranging from 858ms/70bpm to 508ms/118bpm. Minimum rate 31 bpm on Day 5 / 04:29:24, maximum rate 43 bpm on Day 4 / 08:55:17, average rate 35 bpm. Limited variation in heart rate seen across the recording period. 2 unifocal PVCs seen in isolation. One slow, irregular RR interval broad complex triplet noted. No diary returned. No symptoms reported.