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Our team are always happy to answer any enquiries you may have, but you can also browse our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Technomed only employs qualified Cardiac Physiologists who have STP/BSc Clinical physiology or equivalent, some with post graduate qualifications such as BHRS (British Heart Rhythm Society) or IBHRE (International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners).

The team has a wealth of experience within cardiology including roles within the NHS (both invasive and non-invasive), Cardiac Rhythm Management and managerial roles.

Each cardiac physiologist’s performance is continuously assessed by systematic sampling and assessment by a consultant cardiologist panel for accuracy of reporting. We use anonymised processes to avoid bias, and monthly audit meetings backed by quantitative statistical analysis to ensure ECG report quality is assured to the highest standards.

Care Quality Commission Registration: 1-2159303816

Department of Health accredited NHS Business Partner – approved for safe transfer and processing of sensitive medical data – IG Toolkit Assessment Report: 8HR58

Information Commissioner Office Registration: ZA083437

Quality System BS ISO 9001:2015 Certificate: 63012

All data transmissions are encrypted.

Our dedicated NHS service can only be accessed from the NHS HSCN network with individual access subject to password control.

All interactions with our systems are recorded so that the time and date of all work requests, data uploads and downloads as well as the identity and locations of all users can be monitored for maximum integrity.

ECG On-Demand delivers hospital-grade arrhythmia assessment services through 12-lead ECG and ambulatory ECG (Holter) monitoring.

Remote care proved its value throughout the pandemic and has resulted in both primary and secondary care sites, maintaining delivery of quality assured cardiology diagnostic services.

Ensuring those patients requiring further investigation or intervention are promptly seen in clinic.

Detailed cardiac physiologist reports are delivered the same day or next day to provide you the additional assurance of expert data interpretation.

We guarantee all reports are delivered within 24 hours next business day.

If you require a result urgently, just call us and we will provide it for you there and then.

If a test result is required urgently, just call us and we will report the ECG while-you-wait for a small charge.

If you require further advice, you can initiate an E-Consultation with one of our consultant cardiologists.

Speed massively improves the patient experience, avoiding needless delays, inconvenience and anxiety. It also saves clinical time and money to deliver better care at the earliest point in the care pathway.

Peer review studies show that an ECG expert has a greater probability of agreeing with the consensus opinion of a consultant cardiologist panel than a non-expert. However, even the very best experts will not be in total agreement.

In order to reduce the probability of error and improve consistency, we use a double processing technique.

1. The ECG data is first passed through a Machine Learning system which identifies ECG abnormalities present to reduce the probability of false negative results.

2. A cardiac physiologist then further refines the ECG report to improve diagnostic precision.

You should only use non-alcohol based cleaning agents – we recommend ‘Mikrozid Alcohol Free Wipes’ and ‘Clinell (green) Universal Wipes’.

Yes! Cables are consumable items and do not last forever, so it is good practice to regularly inspect these for signs of wear which includes excessive stiffness or cracks, so you ensure quality Holter recordings. Please speak to our support team on 0345 5212992, visit our online shop or email sales@technomed.co.uk.

Vital. We turn quality data into quality care.

All our digital devices transmit native data ensuring maximum data quality is preserved, so the smallest health indicators are retained and spotted immediately.

Our systems ensure the right diagnosis is applied to the right patient. Some providers of similar services can’t match ECG On-Demand’s attention to data quality.

We unashamedly set the bar high because we know this data quality protects patients and clinicians and cannot be compromised.

The exceptional value of our services enable you to provide a better quality ECG testing and interpretation service, at less than NHS tariff rates.

We recognise CCGs, practices and practitioners have very different requirements around budgets and billing. We therefore offer innovative payment models to suit the client.

At ECG On-Demand we think you deserve more flexibility and better value.

ECG On-Demand is an extremely efficient service which means you do not have to compromise on clinical quality when working to a fixed budget.

We have rich data and deep expertise in anticipating the volume of ECG testing and interpretation that is appropriate across different geographic locations.

We help you understand your operational data – our business intelligence platform gives you powerful insight into your operational efficiencies.

We can break down activity analysis to practice and clinician level, giving visibility of true service utilisation.

A cardiac physiologist is a scientist who specialises in the function of the heart and its response to challenges. They are the backbone of most hospital ECG departments.

To become a cardiac physiologist you need to do a BSc in clinical cardiac physiology which is a 4 year full time course (50% practical & 50% theory).

The course covers anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and pathology together with physics and electronics.

Cardiac physiologists are trained to perform and interpret ECGs (at rest, during exercise or during a 24 hour or longer periods).

A consultant cardiac electrophysiologist is a consultant cardiologist who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of rhythm disorders and the electrical system of the heart.

We realise optimum patient care can only be achieved when diagnostic results are considered with a full patient history.

If you are a clinician requiring additional advice and guidance we offer consultant cardiologist support should you need to discuss the management of a patient in detail.

CQC inspected, NHS Digital approved point-of-care cardiology diagnostics

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