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23 Apr, 2024

By embracing technology and the services provided in the healthcare sector, the NHS can alleviate the challenges posed by virtual wards to adapt and overcome the challenges left in the wake of the pandemic.

19 Mar, 2024

ECG On-Demand has taken every measure to establish that we can provide a safe and secure way to outsource Holter analysis. If your current Holter analysis supplier has not completed DTAC, are they taking clinical safety seriously?

20 Feb, 2024

Lack of training opportunities, poor morale, unsustainable levels of staffing and lack of flexible working arrangements are just a few of the reasons why cardiac physiologists are leaving the NHS in search of roles within the private sector or even leaving the profession altogether. Are independent sector healthcare providers, like ECG On-Demand compounding the problem by luring away this scarce resource?

23 Jan, 2024

Healthcare industries in western countries account for 4-8% of their respective greenhouse gas emissions. There is an interesting paradox within healthcare in which the pollution and global warming produced by the service increases the need for services in response to pollution related diseases.

19 Dec, 2023

In 2018, ECG On-Demand published a white paper to identify and quantify the difference in ECG interpretation performance between ECG machine algorithm and human expert.

23 Nov, 2023

Companies without CQC registration put themselves and their customers at risk, so why do we let those without registration/inspection play a part in our care pathways?

16 Oct, 2023

Once upon a time, before atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation, atrially driven runs with irregular ventricular response and no visible p-waves were called AF, independent of duration.

11 Mar, 2021

The decision to leave the NHS was a huge one for me. The obvious benefits of working for the NHS for me were: flexible working, a great pension and of course, a huge amount of camaraderie. NHS colleagues in your team are almost like a second family.

01 Mar, 2021

ECG On-Demand has won the 2021 EMIS Healthcare Patient Partner of the Year Award for its work with the GP Federation, GP Health Partners, during the Pandemic.

01 Mar, 2021

To my mind, “Artificial Intelligence” is a counter-productive term that has been banded around too liberally and has done much to hinder the adoption of new and incredibly useful decision assistance algorithms by the wider healthcare community.

06 May, 2020

Healthcare providers have had to mobilise and evolve quickly in response to COVID-19, but that shouldn’t be to the detriment of quality care and patient safety.

18 Sep, 2019

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. Their role is to register, monitor and rate healthcare services.

24 Oct, 2017

Cardiac data processing by an expert is ECG On-Demand’s core business yet I have come to the conclusion that total reliance on an expert’s skill for ECG analysis may not be the best approach to overcome the challenge of delivering a consistently accurate ECG interpretation service with the lowest probability of error.

CQC inspected, NHS Digital approved point-of-care cardiology diagnostics

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