Self-Fit Holter
Mail-Order Service

Keeping cardiac arrhythmia patient visits to hospital to a minimum

Mail-Order Self-Fit Holter Monitoring Service

cardiac arrhythmia diagnostics without the need to travel to hospital

How it works

  1. You order the mail-order Holter kit.
  2. We deliver the mail-order Holter kit to your patient via courier.
  3. Your patient fits the Holter monitor (instructionsvideo and telephone support provided).
  4. Your patient drops off the monitor at their local Post Office
  5. We send you the results electronically (including NHS Mail).

A ‘mail-order Holter kit’ consists of a pre-programmed sanitised Holter device, long-term hypoallergenic electrodes, skip-prep wipes, disposable razor and instructions. Sanitised means the device and patient cable will be treated to denature the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens.

How easy is it to self-fit?

We have gone to great lengths to make the process easy.

Everything required, is included in the kit.

Simple, easy-to-follow instructions in multiple languages and a clear instructional video mean that 97% of patients can carry out this cardiac arrhythmia test to the satisfaction of their cardiologist.

Any problems, patients just call our dedicated support line and we will sort it out.



"It arrived promptly on Monday morning by 10am. Fitted at 11.45, very easy to fit (I was expecting to fit it at certain intercostal spaces) but it was so simple and connected instantly. We had no problems. I arranged for the courier once I removed it as this is what they recommended doing and they arranged for collection between 10 & 4. Good communication from Parcel-Force too regarding collection time. I will highly recommend it to anyone who needs one."
Dr Ali Hamaad, Consultant Cardiologist, Birmingham

Three simple steps

    1. Prepare the skin
    2. Apply the device (it starts automatically)
    3. Get on with your life

What happens afterwards?

    1. When the monitor has been worn for the specified time, the patient removes it (we send a text reminder).
    2. The patient pops the Holter monitor in the packaging supplied, and drops it off at Post Office Counter Services.
    3. We send the results directly to the patient’s doctor.

*Average tests success rate March-September 2020 across Barts Health NHS Trust (St. Bartholomew’s, Royal London, Newham General & Whipps Cross hospitals)

Quick and easy ordering

Just click on the Mail Order button in the ECG On-Demand Portal
or direct from SystmOne / EmisWeb patient record.

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