Carla Purkis, Cardiac Physiologist

Hi I’m Carla Purkis, I’m a Cardiac Physiologist for ECG On Demand. I’ve been a cardiac physiologist for over 15 years. I originally trained at James Cook Hospital and did my degree at Sunderland University.

From there I moved to Leeds Nuffield Hospital with experience in both paediatrics and adult cardiology. Prior to coming to ECG on demand I was the cardiac clinical specialist for Spacelabs Healthcare. As all of us cardiac physiologists I have a self confessed “geeky side” and an interest in sports cardiology in particular.

What I enjoy about working with the incredible team at ECG On Demand is the service we as a team provide. The shared knowledge and experience between the physiologists is incredible and the company actually prides itself on its in depth and accurate analysis. I particularly enjoy the fact that we are faced with unusual and at times challenging arrhythmias and clinical histories in both adults and paediatrics.

I am very proud to be a part of the ECG On Demand team as a whole and I look forward to our future as a company and as a team.