NHS Digital Uses Technomed as HSCN Case Study

Members of the ECG On-Demand team working on the service that has been used as a HSCN case study

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is the new UK data network for public sector health and care organisations, replacing N3. Its purpose is to facilitate collaboration between healthcare providers without exposing users to the wider risks of the Internet.

In addition to NHS trusts, independent third party healthcare providers wishing to deliver, facilitate or support health and social care in England should be using HSCN for the transfer of patient data. If your third party healthcare provider is not on HSCN you should be asking “why not?”

Technomed’s ECG On-Demand service is connected to HSCN. This NHS Digital case study outlines some of the advantages to both the company and its customers.

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Our ECG-Patch Holter Monitoring and 12-Lead ECG Interpretation service provide the following benefits:

  • reduces the need for patients to attend a clinic environment
  • meets the legal requirement of CQC registration
  • meets NHS England's mandatory requirements for NHS data processing
  • all reporting and data analysis performed by UK clinicians

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Please note NHS users must be connected to N3 to enable access to the NHS platform.

Existing customers please login to your ECG On-Demand® platform here.