12-lead ECG interpretation

A while-you-wait ECG reading service
using a hybrid approach of digital data processing and human expertise


Our reports are written in GP friendly language and are accompanied by high-resolution ECG recordings. We were the first to develop an automated traffic light risk rating system for ECGs. Our unique proprietary technology is proven to deliver consistent optimal patient management. Our consultant cardiologists are available for detailed advice and guidance when required.

Peer review studies show that an ECG expert has a greater probability of agreeing with the consensus opinion of a consultant cardiologist panel than a non-expert when interpreting an ECG. However, even the very best expert will not be in total agreement.

In order to increase the probability of correct ECG interpretation, we use a double processing technique. The ECG data is first passed through a digital data processing system which is used primarily to highlight any ECG abnormalities present, thus reducing the probability of false negative results.

The ECG is then checked by a cardiac physiologist who then further refines the ECG report to improve diagnostic precision. This hybrid approach ensures our reports are more likely to be correct.

A hybrid approach means an immediate ECG report with the greatest possible precision. Both our digital

data processing system and ECG experts are subject to systematic audit by a consultant cardiologist panel.

Data Security

CQC and NHS IG accreddited

All data is securely hosted in UK data centres and accessible via N3/HSCN NHS networks. No personal identifiable data is sent outside the United Kingdom.

All reporting and data analysis performed within the UK by ECG On-Demand clinicians.

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  • Approved NHS Digital Business Partner
  • CQC registered