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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care in England whose responsibility is to monitor, inspect and regulate services to ensure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety.

The provision of Holter analysis in the UK is regulated by CQC under the category Diagnostic and Screening Procedures and registration is a legal requirement under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. Perhaps less well known, is that attempting to provide these services without registration is a criminal offence under UK law.

The current Covid-19 crisis has seen a number of private sector companies (predominantly from overseas) marketing cardiology diagnostic services to NHS trusts. Clinical services are bundled with the sale of disposable Holter monitors but the clinical workforce employed by these companies is often offshore and sometimes subcontracted out again to developing countries where labour is cheap. By marketing their services as single-use medical products, these overseas companies are evading the scrutiny of the UK healthcare regulators.

At Technomed, we find this genuinely alarming.

ECG On-Demand® from Techomed Limited, has been at the forefront of 12 lead ECG Interpretation and Holter monitor analysis for the last decade. Our proprietary traffic light ECG risk rating system has been constantly refined since its launch in 2010. Not ones for sitting on our laurels, since our Innovators of the Year accolade at the General Practice Awards in 2012, we have continually embraced digital data processing technologies to improve reporting precision. All of this is underpinned by a first-class team of physiologists who are on hand seven days a week.

Back in July 2019 we were subject to our own CQC inspection receiving a good rating overall with outstanding for well-led. As the inspection summarised:

“The service had established and effective governance systems to deliver sustainable high-quality ECG tracing and Holter assessments with minimal notice. They employed operational resilience within their clinical team and IT systems…Peer and clinical supervision was readily accessible to all staff and they commissioned external Cardiac consultants to audit 5% of their judgements on a rolling cycle. Any disparities were discussed monthly at clinical meetings, judgements and rationales recorded and where appropriate processes and clinical software amended to reflect the decisions and ensure consistently precise future clinical assessments.”

Fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the processing of sensitive personal data, Technomed Ltd have also completed the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSP) as required by NHS England.

At Technomed Ltd we are proud of the service we provide so we not only actively seek scrutiny of our services, we embrace it because this is how we make our services even better. Click here to read our CQC Report.

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