ECG On-Demand Appointed UK ECG Interpretation Partner for ALIVECOR

Technomed is pleased to announce that its ECG On-Demand service has partnered with Alivecor.

AliveCor’s devices have had great success across North America, and are widely praised by major cardiological organisations such as the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the Heart Rhythm Society.

We’re very proud to be AliveCor’s exclusive interpretation partners for Europe and Africa, helping to diagnose new patients every day. Introducing sophisticated event monitors to these new territories, we’re expecting high demand from both consumers and clinicians alike.

Soon, we’ll need more physiologists and consultant cardiologists to meet AliveCor’s excellent service record of analysing ECGs in as little as thirty minutes.

Our press release detailing this news is available on PRNewswire here.

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Please note NHS users must be connected to N3 to enable access to the NHS platform.

Existing customers please login to your ECG On-Demand® platform here.