Andrew White of Bird & Bird Opines That Technomed v. Bluecrest & Express Diagnostics as “May come to be regarded as a milestone in database protection”

Andrew White is a partner at Bird & Bird, an international law firm with over 1,200 lawyers and associates situated in 29 offices worldwide. Bird & Bird are well known for their expertise in intellectual property law. An extract from his article can be found below:

“The High Court found that core parts of the database ‘engine’ of ECG Cloud were protectable under database law. Strikingly, English law provides not one but three possible and distinct types of database protection, depending on the nature of the data and/or tools involved (see lesson 2 below). Furthermore, ancillary parts of ECG Cloud, like explanatory materials and images included in end-user reports, were found to also be protectable, either as literary or as artistic copyright works. Technomed thus ended up with a panoply of legal protections for ECG Cloud.”

It is particularly interesting that Andrew seems to aim his article at those working in the artificial intellegence sector, an area in which Technomed is investing in.

The full article can be read here.

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