7-Day Holter with SVT and Pauses

7-day self-fit Ambulatory ECG Holter recording. Download the full report here.

Sinus rhythm with intermittent 1st degree AV block throughout recording period – PR intervals up to 259ms. Nocturnal sinus bradycardia – rates down to 45bpm.

8 ventricular pauses noted (noted during hours of 10pm and 8am) up to a maximum of 6.6 seconds in duration. Pauses noted to be sinus in origin with occasional non-conducted P-waves noted.

9 sustained, sudden onset and offset, narrow complex/atrially led tachycardia noted – longest 44 minutes and 11 seconds in duration with a ventricular rate of 146bpm on Day 4 / 10:07:00.

Minimum sinus rate 45 bpm on Day 6 / 02:35:33, maximum narrow complex tachycardia rate 153 bpm on Day 7 / 13:53:33, maximum sinus rate of 100bpm,

average rate 63 bpm.

Normal variation in heart rate seen across the recording period.

678 PACs seen as isolated beats, 5 couplets, 9 triplets and 13 atrially led salvos – longest 20 beats in duration with a ventricular rate of 102bpm. Fastest at 125bpm for 15 beats. 0.11% PAC burden.

Rare blocked atrial ectopy seen post prolonged atrial tachyarrhythmia episodes.

102 multifocal PVCs (inclusive of fusion and escape beats) seen as isolated beats and 1 couplet. 0.02% PVC burden.

Patient diary returned. 2 diary entries for palpitations – both correlating with onset of and mid narrow complex tachycardia with ventricular rates up to 143bpm.


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