Waterproof Holter Monitor
with Same-Day Reporting

24 hr to 14 day ambulatory ECG studies without the wait using A.I. data processing and Human Expertise

IP67 Waterproof

waterproof • reusable • 24-hours to 14-days


ECG-Patch is a wearable, waterproof, reusable, rechargeable ECG monitor that is used with a disposable waterproof single use “patch” electrode. Being reusable, it is environmentally friendly and has lower operating costs.

A replaceable electrode patch means full disclosure monitoring of 24 hrs to 14 days is catered for. The 125 mm sensor spacing and common mode noise reduction electrode ensures a high amplitude, low artifact electrogram with excellent P-Wave visualisation.

Fit and Forget

so small you forget you are wearing it


  • Waterproof; no need to remove for showering
  • Proprietary ECG-Patch electrode or conventional ECG electrodes
  • Event button and Diary App
  • Memory: 180 days full disclosure
  • Battery life: 8 days
  • Electrode life: 7 days
  • 125 mm sensor spacing: for high amplitude signals
  • Common mode noise reduction electrode

3 Service Model Choices

use our physiologists or use your own


  1. Standard Service:   You fit – We report
  2. Mail-Order Service:   Patient fits – We report
  3. Self-Service:   You fit – You report

Mail-Order Service Option

keeping hospital visits to a minimum


  1. You order the mail-order Holter kit.
  2. We contact the patient and make the delivery and collection arrangements.
  3. We deliver the mail-order Holter kit to your patient via courier.
  4. Your patient fits the Holter monitor (instructions provided).
  5. At the end of the wear-time, we collect the monitor.
  6. We send you the results electronically (including NHS Mail).

Clear P-Wave Visualisation & Physician Friendly Reporting

UK cardiac physiologists using FDA/CE approved AI-assisted ECG data processing

ECG-OD Diary

Ultra convenient symptom capture


The ECG On-Demand® Diary application allows patients to easily record symptoms during the Holter recording session.

Events are automatically synchronised and logged by the clinical analysis reporting platform.

A traditional form-based alternative is available for patients who do not have access to a smartphone.

Quality Assurance & Data Security

we meet UK legal and NHS data processing requirements


It is a criminal offence to provide Holter analysis in England without CQC registration. Unlike other providers, ECG On-Demand is CQC registered and inspected. We do not compromise the position of our customers.

NHS England mandates that NHS data cannot be processed without an NHS DSP Toolkit assessment. Unlike other providers, ECG On-Demand is cleared to process NHS data.

All data is securely hosted in UK data centres. NHS data is only accessible via NHS N3/HSCN networks.

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Our ECG-Patch Holter Monitoring and 12-Lead ECG Interpretation service provide the following benefits:

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Please note NHS users must be connected to N3 to enable access to the NHS platform.

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