Next Day Holter Analysis

24 hr to 28 day ambulatory ECG studies without the wait
using A.I. data processing and Human Expertise

IP67 Waterproof

waterproof • reusable • rechargeable • 24 hrs to 28 days

ECG-Patch is a wearable, waterproof, reusable, rechargeable ECG monitor that is used with a disposable waterproof single use “patch” electrode. Being reusable, it is environmentally friendly and has lower operating costs.

A replaceable electrode patch means full disclosure monitoring of 24 hrs to 28 days is catered for. The 125 mm sensor spacing and common mode noise reduction electrode ensures a high amplitude, low artifact electrogram with excellent P-Wave visualisation.

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Faros 180 holter recorder wet next to 50p coin

Fit and Forget

so small you forget you are wearing it

  • Waterproof; no need to remove for showering
  • Event button and Diary App
  • Memory: 180 days full disclosure
  • Battery life: 8 days
  • Electrode life: 7 days
  • 125 mm sensor spacing: for high amplitude signals
  • Common mode noise reduction electrode
ECG-On-Demand report preview

Clear P Wave Visualisation

physician friendly reports

Reporting Model Choice

outsource or do-it-yourself

  • FDA approved and CE marked AI powered ECG data processing
  • Same-day reporting by SCST qualified UK physiologists
  • Clinical and technical help-lines

ECG-OD Diary

Ultra convenient symptom capture

The ECG On-Demand® Diary application will record symptoms during the Holter recording session.

1. When feeling unwell, press and release the event recorder button on the front of the device.

2. Note your symptoms in the diary app.