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In 2012 we, with ECG On-Demand®, were awarded Innovators of the Year at the General Practice Awards. We have embraced digital data processing technologies to improve reporting precision whilst retaining humans for final checking.

Moving from the NHS

The decision to leave the NHS was a huge one for me. The obvious benefits of working for the NHS for me were: flexible working, a great pension and of course, a huge amount of camaraderie. NHS colleagues in your team are almost like a second family. As the Lead physiologist in a tertiary centre (Harefield Hospital), I felt very much like the flag bearer,

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Dear NHS – Artificial Intelligence does not exist

To my mind, “Artificial Intelligence” is a counter-productive term that has been banded around too liberally and has done much to hinder the adoption of new and incredibly useful decision assistance algorithms by the wider healthcare community.

To quote NHSX 

“Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make a significant difference in health and care settings through its ability to analyse large quantities of complex information.

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Medical Device or Medical Service?

Healthcare providers have had to mobilise and evolve quickly in response to COVID-19, but that shouldn’t be to the detriment of quality care and patient safety.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care in England whose remit is to monitor, inspect and regulate UK healthcare services to ensure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety.

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Improving Human Expert ECG Interpretation with Machine Learning

Cardiac data processing by an expert is ECG On-Demand’s core business yet I have come to the conclusion that total reliance on an expert’s skill for ECG analysis may not be the best approach to overcome the challenge of delivering a consistently accurate ECG interpretation service with the lowest probability of error.

Expert ECG interpretation is promoted by the cardiac data analysis industry as a method of reducing unnecessary secondary care referral or as a means of avoiding costly and embarrassing medical negligence claims.

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