Mail-order Holter monitoring service

A mail-order self-fit Holter monitor service with continuous ECG monitoring for a cost of £89
by an approved NHS & CQC inspected healthcare provider

How it works

  1. You order the mail-order Holter monitoring kit
  2. We contact you to make delivery and collection arrangements
  3. We deliver the mail-order kit to you by courier
  4. You fit the Holter monitor
  5. We arrange return of the Holter monitor
  6. We send you the results electronically

CQC inspected & rated, NHS information governance approved
point-of-care cardiology diagnostics

We believe digital healthcare should be delivered with the same quality assurance as traditional face-to-face medicine.

Our service has the assurance  of independent CQC inspection and NHS Digital approval.

All patient data is securely hosted in UK data centres.

NHS data is only accessible via N3/HSCN NHS networks.

No personal identifiable data is sent outside the UK.

Our systematic audit process is run by UK consultant cardiologists.

Private Patient Order Form

Please fill out the form and we will call you back to take a secure card payment.

Device security deposit - £395 (refunded on return)

Sorry, currently we are unable to accept orders from outside the United Kingdom.

ECG On-Demand Mail Order Holter Service - Supplementary Terms & Conditions

Customer Responsibilities:

The customer shall order the ‘Mail Order Holter Kit’ via the ECG On-Demand mail order web form and ensure all delivery/patient details are correct.

In case of direct shipment to the patient, the customer shall explain to the patient prior to ordering the service, who ECG On-Demand are, and what to expect.

ECG On-Demand’s Responsibilities:

Where direct patient delivery has been requested, ECG On-Demand shall telephone the patient to confirm the day of delivery and the day of collection. If ECG-On-Demand are unable to contact the patient, the service will be cancelled and the customer informed.

ECG On-Demand shall send a ‘Mail Order Holter Kit’ (including sanitised device) by courier to the address detailed in the order.

ECG On-Demand shall arrange for the ‘Mail Order Holter Kit’ to be collected by courier when the Holter study has finished. A maximum of 3 collections will be attempted. We are unable to produce a report until the return of the device.

On receipt of the returned Holter recorder, the ECG recording will be analysed and a report sent to the email address specified in the order.

[ECG-On-Demand is not responsible for any delays in the third-party courier service, however, it is responsible for the device in transit to and from the patient.]

Patient Responsibilities:

The patient is responsible for fitting and starting the device as per the instructions provided.

The report is not a diagnosis. The report is based solely on the ECG recording submitted for analysis. Medical conditions, symptoms and activities are not considered. The report must be interpreted by a doctor in possession of the patient’s medical history.


Medical services are currently VAT exempted by HMRC therefore no VAT is payable.


If a device is damaged or lost the customer shall lose their security deposit of £395.

If a device is not returned to Technomed within 4 weeks from date of delivery, the customer shall lose their security deposit of £395.


Mail Order Holter Kit: consists of a pre-programmed Holter device, long-term hypoallergenic electrodes, wipes, disposable razor and instructions.

Sanitised: The device and patient cable will be treated to kill the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens.

Patients who are considering using this service are advised to call the Heart Rhythm Alliance on 01789 867501, who will be able to offer advice and guidance, prior to placing an order.

Please note NHS users must be connected to N3 to enable access to the NHS platform.

Existing customers please login to your ECG On-Demand® platform here.